Ida Kelarova (Bittova)

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The emotions that Ida Kelarová evokes with her singing are strong. Her soul combines the spontaneous creative power and love of a Romani man (after her father), and the depth of cultural heritage as well as purposeful diligence coming from the Czech half (after her mother). Ida Kelarová believes that music is here to help us heal the wounds we each carry.

The singer, musician, choirmaster, music arranger and producer is based on the experience she gained through her work in Great Britain, Denmark and Norway, where she lived until 1994. In 1995, she returned to the Czech Republic and founded the unique International School of Human Voice. He becomes an unmissable figure on the European music scene.

Ida Kelarová cultivates the singing of her students and workshop participants in a unique way. She is convinced that every person should have the opportunity to express their voice in it’s natural form.

Ida Kelarová studied cello and piano at the Janáček Conservatory in Brno. After graduating, she gained valuable experience as an actress and singer at the Divadlo na provázku in Brno.

Ida Kelarová is also a member of the music group Jazz Famelija. She leads here together with her husband, Desiderius “Dežo” Dužda. They have a number of award-winning albums. They like to combine various musical genres.

Ida Kelarová devotes the same enthusiasm to talented Roma children and youth, which she supports in their music and singing through the Miret association, which she also founded together with her husband.

What could be more authentic than our own emotions? For example, play the song Kamav tut (I love you) and you will see that its melody will remain in your heart for a long time to come.

“Romani music and culture are alive. Songs accompany a person throughout life. Romani songs have a magical power and are a jewel of Romani culture “

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