list of films

O čo ide Idě (“What is Ida about?”)
Documentary about the internationally acclaimed jazz singer Ida Kelarová, who during a ten-day summer camp tries to find talented children in Roma settlements in eastern Slovakia, build a choir from them and play a concert accompanied by the Czech Philharmonic.
(directed by Tomáš Kudrna, 2016)

Kaľi čercheň / Černá hvězda (“Black Star”)
Documentary about a summer art workshop for young talented Roma children at Svojanov Castle
(directed by Janek Růžička, 2007)

Gypsy celebration 2005
Documentary about the Gypsy Celebration festival
(directed by Václav Kučera, 2005)

Vierka, or the Mystery of the B Family
Documentary that received many awards
(directed by Miroslav Janek, 2006)

Giľaven! (Sing!)
Documentary about the work of Ida Kelarova, Desiderius Dužda and Miret
(directed by Stephan Satelee, 2003)

S Idou za zrcadlem (“Behind the Mirror with Ida”)
Documentary about Ida Kelarova and her workshops with therapeutic aspects
(directed by Igor Chaun, 2001)

Amen savore (“All of us together”)
Documentary about the first year of the Gypsy Celebration Festival
(directed by Dagmar Cee, 2001)

Ozvěny ženské duše (“Echoes of the Women’s Soul”)
Documentary about the preparation for a unique concert – Echoes of the Women’s Soul
(directed by Vladimír Merta, 1997)

Dílna duše i těla (“Workshop of the Body and Soul”)
Documentary about the work of Ida Kelarova
(directed by Vladimir Hubač, 1996)

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