Old Tears

22. 7. 2024
Ida Kelarova (voice)

I remember those days, when I used to go with my father home, to visit his family and relatives in Slovakia. He was always so happy there! The family always gathered and all of them set off to play. Especially weddings, it was normal and regular, that they played at weddings, which lasted for three days and three nights. They (the gypsies and the white) would not even call it a wedding, without gypsies playing there.

But when they all, after these three exhausting days and nights, finally came home tired and sleepy, they, instead of going to bed, sat round a table in the garden and then they all together started to really play. I was a small girl and I was supposed to be sleeping, but I watched them hidden, sometimes even the whole night. This was the moment, where everyone opened their soul and heart and I do remember the inexpressible happiness, when I had seen and felt my dad in moments, when he was he himself and so lucky and fine, as he could not afford to be in real life. I saw him declare love to his own brother with tears coming down his face. That was the moment, when I realised, that even sadness can be beautiful and this inspiration has stayed in me for the rest of my life.

And that is why “Old Tears” (Staré slzy). If you ever should feel lonely or sad, do not run away from this sadness, try to live the strength and the depth of it all the way through. In this lip-deep world try to experience, maybe only for a little while, the space, which we would like to share with you through our CD.


Balvaj phurdel (The Wind Blows) 
Dživava (I’ll Live On)
Apsora (Tiny Tears)
Mamo Miri (My Mother)
Šunen (Listen)
Pharipen (Heaviness)
Le phralores (Little Brother)
Me tuha (With You)
Savore Roma (All of Us Romas)

© 2021 Ida Kelarová