Everyone can sing

Galerie Hotel
Jedlová, CZ
4800 CZK

Workshop dedicated to all of you who do not believe that you can sing; who only sing in the bathroom or in the car; who never tried to perform in public; who have an inner urge and wish to sing.

Anybody can sign up for this workshop, who feels the need to sign. Ida’s method of opening and discovering of the human voice is not driven by striving for technical perfection or a mere wish to sing nicer, stronger or better. To sing and feel a song is just the pretext for seeking the voice within the man that noone ever hears: the voice that leads you back to your emotions. That’s where Ida finds the ultimate source of life and creativity.

The workshop is open for anybody, who is willing to cut through the immense power of prejudices, good and bad habits, fear that keeps us from breathing in freekly, from opening, from singing.

Singing is a way of expressing your soul.

To sing at the top of one’s lungs is the best remedy for depressions, and gives strength needed to fully live one’s life. More and more people realize how important mere singing is to battle stress and illness. It is crucial for expressing one’s personality and releasing emotions that accumulate in the body and turn into negative emotions.

To live a creative life,
to sing my song,
I have to lose the fear
that I won’t sing properly.

Ida’s basic belief is that everybody can sing. The problem then lies in the fact that more and more people stop singing and no longer believe that they can sing. At Ida’s workshop, everybody has a chance to sing and to get inspired by Ida’s philosophy and unique method. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the 30 years of work with people and human voice, that Ida dedicated her life to.

Short documentary about the workshop