Yonatan Bar Rashi

New York City born, living in Israel for over 25 years. Young Yonatan performed with various bands in NYC, where he mastered various music styles – Latin-American music, funk, jazz, rock ‘n roll and blues.

In 1976 he recorded an album with The Tokens band members, performing on konga and vocals. This recording was followed by a US tour with this band, and was promoted on TV too. He went on to perform with the Deep South band (Florida, Georgia).

He started to study percussions in northern Florida. For many years he performed in Caribbeans, he participated several times to the Jazz Festivals in Saint Lucia along with the Caribbean jazz artists, such as Luther Francois, Emerson Nurse or Clive “Zanda” Alexander. He also performed with many Israeli artists: Avishai Cohen, Yair Dallal, Eyal Sela, Meir Israel and Shmulik Kraus. On the regular basis he cooperates with the world artists in Kostiza Band (Israel).

For several years now he has cooperated on several music projects of Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda. He is a valued guest to the Aven Bachtale project; he took part on the December concert tour, in addition the album recording.