Everyone Can Sing

Duration27. 3. 2020 - 29. 3. 2020
VenueEnschede, NL
Contact personJanina Stopperka
Email j_stopperka@hotmail.com
Phone+31(0)6 1845 9287

Anybody can sign up for this workshop, who feels the need to sign. Ida’s method of opening and discovering of the human voice is not driven by striving for technical perfection or a mere wish to sing nicer, stronger or better. To sing and feel a song is just the pretext for seeking the voice within the man that noone ever hears: the voice that leads you back to your emotions. That’s where Ida finds the ultimate source of life and creativity.

The workshop is open for anybody, who is willing to cut through the immense power of prejudices, good and bad habits, fear that keeps us from breathing in freely, from opening, from singing.