Voice, Body and Soul

Galerie Hotel
Jedlová, CZ
14 000 CZK

An intensive workshop consisting of three consecutive weekends for all who wish to acquire a better understanding of the techniques of unlocking the human voice with emotions. The price of CZK 14,000 fully covers the three weekends, which are to be attended all. The price also includes accommodation with a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian daily meals. A maximum of 10 participants will work together in a closed group.


The workshop is a journey to find the voice that will return you your sense of intuition, a journey that takes us deeper, straight to the source of the creativity of man. To sing and experience our song means to open yourself to your inner beauty, the power of vulnerable emotions, which is also a gift we can selflessly present to other people.

This unique vocal project is for those who feel the need to work on and continue to open the voice of their soul with singing. We would like to give you the opportunity to work with the voice, breath and mind and experience the deeper realm of your own physiology, psychology and spirituality. Finding the love for music and your way of expressing yourself is just the beginning of growing and improving yourself.
This music workshop is not only about working with the lyrics and melodies of songs, but mainly the journey to find your inner voice again. To listen, comprehend and express – that is what awaits us…

This workshop is open to all of you who feel a deep need to sing. The workshops are open to all who want to overcome the crushing force of prejudice, habits, bad habits and mainly fear that prevents us from taking a deep breath, to open up and sing. The process of finding new spaces, inspiration and possibilites of working with the voice are initiated during these weekend workshops, but sadly are also quick to be concluded. This project offers us the opportunity to continue and integrate our experiences and self-awareness into our own lives.

The song is a gift and needs to live. For a song to live, it needs to breathe Natural breathing strengthens our health and maintains our emotional balance. Breathing and singing strongly influence our lives, our health. Breathing in connection with singing restores our inner perception.