Song of my soul

Galerie Hotel
Jedlová, CZ
CZK 28 500
February 10, 2020

Darkness workshop an This intensive workshop with therapeutic elements is open to all, who wish to open the soul deeper and discover the human voice. It does not attempt to make you sing more beautifully, strongly or better. Singing and feeling the song is only a pretext for seeking the voice inside, which no other person will ever hear. The voice that leads us back to our own emotions. Mainly here Ida Kelarova finds the fundamental source of life and human creativity. We can call the voice intuition or something else. The important thing is for everyone to find it by themselves.

Therapeutic aspect

This workshops main objective is not to administer therapy, although, unavoidably it contains some aspect of it. These aspects are connected to the search for ones inner voice and the breaking down of barriers which block space within the body.
It’s a call for self-reliance/realisation and the nerve to be able to perform with a specific, structured form of excercise using a state of mind which could be named and perceived as the soul or a mirror of the current state of ones life here and now.


Fear, anger, sadness, pain, joy, love, the transformation of all these feelings into positive and creative energy. The source of human strength lies in their emotions. This will be a new re-evaluation of emotions as an integral part of ourselves, the search and acknowledgment of true expression. Darkness and silence: The mechanism of the surrounding world hinder and disrupt us to such an extent that we find ourselves loosing touch with deeper-set parts of what we perceive to be our persona or personality. The direction of our work throughout the ten days will take us through darkness and silence.
For certain periods of time we will try to perceive and understand ourselves through inner silence.

A journey downwards

Upsetting mental balance by getting into both physically and emotionally extreme situations. Deep inside we oppose it and thus the source of our instinct, which has not been used for a very long time and therefore sank into oblivion, is made accessible. We return to a dynamic experience of the present time and reality.

This workshop, which, in its intensity comprises a therapeutic aspect, is dedicated to all people who are physically, mentally, or spiritually determined to peer into the depth of Ida Kelarova’s work.
This difficult ten-day journey will focus an opening oneself, opening the voice, transformation of ones feelings, energy and power, and on becoming aware of ones being. This workshop is dominated by the learning of ones darkness, going through the dark and getting to the light and the acknowledgement that light cannot exist without darkness.

Communication and the search of ones inner truth. The search for voice, which is deep inside, to sing out our pain, sadness, grief or anger, joy and love.
The feelings we go through in everyday life, energy that we all have inside but always deeply hidden and in great surplus. Breathing, singing, opening ones heart, searching for ones roots, ones truth,
identity, and last but not least to learn how to listen. To sing out ones deep feeling as the singing expression of this course either as a solo singer or as a part of a choir.

That, which is destroyed by modern relativism in this world today, gives back and renews our soul. Initially, of course, we record a descent into darkness and awfulness, having said that, the one who cannot accept or tolerate this image will never posses the ability to create that which is light and beautiful. Light is born from darkness. No sun will remain on the blue canvas of the sky just because human needs has grown attached to it. With this, we invite you to a ten-day intensive workshop run by Ida Kelarova.