Song celebration

Jedlová, CZ
Czech, English

Price adults: € 640
Price children under 15 years: € 240

Days and nights filled with songs, music, dance and celebration in the beatiful country side of the highlands of Moravia, in Jedlová, Czech Republic. We will stay together in a very beautiful country house with luxurious rooms, kitchen, dining room and singing room with an open fire and garden, where we can spend our musical evenings. There is also a swimming pool for your kids for the hot days. Delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes will be prepared for you. Trips into the nature will be also included in the program.

Ida Kelarova, and her team have been passing on their songs and music all over the world for over 15 years. At this workshop, every one of you will have the opportunity to learn more of the unique philosophy of Ida Kelarova’s voice work, the perception and experience, down to the roots of her method she developed over the past 30 years.

It is impossible for the participants to avoid getting affected by the fascinating program. All the elements of the workshop interconnect in a way that is both beatiful and inspiring, and strikes everybody with an amazing and unexpected effect.

Everybody is invited – musicians, artists, or just those who love to sing and celebrate music.

A journey to the voice that leads you back to intuition; a path that goes deeper to the source of human creativity. To sing and to feel our song means to open up and face your inner beauty, to realize the strength of vulnerable feelings which – at the same time – are a gift you can keep passing on.

An explosion of happy and spontaneous singing is one of the most amazing, precious – and healthy, too – elements of all human experience. By pure intuition we all feel that singing can aid us in feeling healthy, alive, free and “easy”. Every time we sing, we make ourselves stronger, we raise ourselves higher, we thrive. Singing is absolutely essential for live and for healing.

Singing leads us through our entire life. Gypsy songs conceal a magical energy and are generally regarded as jewels of the Gypsy culture. They incite emotions and reveal people’s hearts and souls, which is where they always come from. Songs are the teachings of the noble ones. Songs bring inspiration and amusement to all artists and creative humans, and yield a closer understanding of life and traditions of the Gypsies, and a sense of solidarity.