Sing like a mountain

Gallery hotel
4500 CZK

This workshop is for all of you who would like to remember and sing together songs out of rich treasure of Moravian and Slovak folk songs and support our voice and our identity in depth.

These songs are beautiful and powerful, full of melodic and harmonic elements and wonderful lyrics. They differ in the dialect as well as in the melody and rhythm and are very specific in their arrangements – one-voice line sung together or huge sound of multi-voice, fluent tones of songs sung by grass cropping, songs about love, work, everything that the life brings, or the Moravian songs about love. All of these songs have the power to show us where we originate and also to lead us back “home”.

Our folk culture and folklore have already been endangered. People cease to sing, forget about their treasures inside themselves, in the modern world they are overwhelmed with noise and stress of various pressures and survival plans. It is not only us, who are endangered, but also our children. If we forget where we are from, where we originate, we forget also where our voice originates.

We have beautiful songs that we need to approach reliably, with love and sincerity. These songs bind us; they are “ours”, our folk heritage, which had been left here for us by our ancestors, and we use to forget about them or put them away, because we are not able to create some space and we stop to feel the responsibility. We have songs in common that we can move onto our children. We tear apart ourselves from the songs and therefore we forget who we are.

Often, when people want to sing together, they cannot remember a song that would be familiar to everyone, so that they could sing together. Singing is a medicine, a nowadays therapy, and songs are the means to seek ourselves, our voice deep inside of us. It is important to remember these feelings of inner home, feelings of care-free, safety and our self. Sing out the pain and sadness, sing out the stress and pressure of nowadays, sing out our strong passion and desire and tell out all the wishes and dreams in a song sung together and be proud of our rich heritage and culture.

Ida Kelarová had invited for this workshop two excellent artists, singers, musicians and dancers, Petra Vraňáková and Lenka Dubníčková.

Petra and Lenka are young, talented singers, musicians and dancers who support, inspire and dedicate their work to the traditional adaptation of habits and songs of different regions of Slovak culture. They met in group Lúčnica and their friendship strengthened their deep interest in culture, traditions, singing and music of their home country, Slovakia. They have established their own vocal group Hrdličky.

When I heard Petra and Lenka sing two-voice Slovakian songs for the first time, I felt warm at my heart and at the same time my whole body shivered and my tears burst in emotion. My joy was enormous… their voices penetrated not only into our hearts but also into my consciousness and conscience.

Their singing reminds us of life, beauty and power of “traditional songs”; they open the desire to sing these songs along, not to be ashamed for who we are, where we are from and to be proud of our culture. Both singers have such strength in their voices that they can inspire even a young generation that prefers mostly the modern western music styles. Do not let this experience pass you by, come along with children to sing with us.”

Ida Kelarova

Workshop is organized in cooperation with Slovak Institute in Prague and held under their auspices.