Romano drom

Lipany, Slovakia
Lúčky - Potoky
Czech, English
180 €

IDA KELAROVÁ, children’s choir ČHAVORENGE and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra musicians

This unique project brings music and happiness to places deliberately forgotten, the epitome of social exclusion, poverty and a life with no prospect. The idea of the project is to support people, mainly children, living in Lenártov, Rudňany, Rakúsy and Moldava nad Bodvou, in four of the several hundreds of Roma settlements in northern and eastern Slovakia.

Ida Kelarová has been helping people in the Slovakian settlements for 20 years, providing not only humanitarian aid but also helping them in expressing themselves artistically. In recent years she has been selecting talented children for her annual summer project Romano Drom, a summer school for Roma children and youth from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Over a period of two weeks, participants learn more about themselves, their identity, traditions that have formed them and at the same time create something amazing together – through the art of music and dance. The results of the summer camps held so far were presented in the Czech Republic where the Čhavorenge children’s choir performed with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra, the Zlín Philharmonic Orchestra and most recently in December 2013 with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

The project Romano Drom is based on extensive experience of the civic association MIRET which works with Roma at risk of social exclusion. Apart from learning and collaborating, the participating children and adolescents are given the opportunity to meet Roma professionals with various backgrounds – music, drama, Roma university students etc. The summer school also offers specialised workshops focused on Romani history, cultural traditions and current daily life problems.

This year in June/July we will witness the same, and the project will be concluded with concerts taking place on 6. and 8. August 2014 in the above-mentioned settlements.
On behalf of our children and the MIRET Artistic Team led by Ida Kelarová, we cordially invite you to the Romano Drom summer school dedicated to Roma children. The event takes place on 3.8.-9.8 at Lúčka Potoky holiday resort in eastern Slovakia. You will not only get to meet our children, but will also be given the opportunity to experience the Romani settlements first hand, their everyday life, their perception of life and emotional world. Expand your understanding of the Roma, meet Roma living in settlements in eastern Slovakia and learn more about the roots of Romani culture. Together we can learn about the history of this exceptional culture. We cordially invite all musicians and artists and those who love to sing and celebrate through Romani music, and bring your children as well!

„Romano Drom“ is an opportunity for the Roma and non-Roma to meet face-to-face.
The song serves as a journey, a long journey – lungo drom, so one can move from one point to another – but what one experiences during this journey is subject to one’s emotions and art.

We believe that music can aid young people on their journey to find their place in this world. Many of the talents that Ida Kelarová discovered and supported have already embarked on their own journeys which would have not been possible if not for the trust expressed. We believe that the 40-member children’s choir Čhavorenge, also featuring children from the settlements in Lenártov, Rakúsy and Rudňany can be not only a wonderful experience, but can also bring a new perspective to the people living in settlements.

The significance and uniqueness of the project have not been overlooked by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and the musicians accompany the Čhavorenge choir and also prepare fun music workshops.