Jazz Workshop

Galerie Hotel
Jedlová, CZ
4800 CZK

Miriam Bayle

Miriam was born in Liptovský Mikuláš and spent her chilhood in Slovakia. Since her early youth she was strongly inspired by music. Jazz and jazz singing made impression on her more and more, and she devoted her all life to this type of music. Today, Miriam is one of the most important jazz singers on the Czech and Slovak jazz scene in Prague.
In her repertoire, we find jazz standards (swing, latin, ballade, blues) which are enriched with her excellent scat improvisations. She also collaborates with outstanding European jazz musicians.
Miriam drought public attention to herself not only as a singer, but also as a schoolmaster – thanks to her pedagogical approach and distinctive open manners. Miriam can transmit her wide knowledge and experience to her students with no bias. Her ability to draw you right into beautiful deep ballades or spontaneous swing will teach you to love this demanding artistic style and the meaning behind this concept.
She is also a lecturer in jazz singing and auditory analysis on the Conservatory College and College of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague.
Her workshops are aimed at song interpretation, melodic and rhythmic phrasing, so that each student can find his own natural way of expression. Her musical repertoire is wide, and Miriam can choose jazz standards for her students which correspond to their capabilities. Thanks to amazing technical and passionate expression they can make an impression on everybody and inspire the audience.
This workshop is dedicated to all who want to try and look into jazz and the jazz world of singing.
The workshop takes place on the border of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Českomoravská Vysočina), in the nature which is always a strong inspiration for every workshop. It is unusual in that Mrs. Ida Kelarova takes on the role of a head cook for all weekend and she enriches the atmosphere of this workshop with her culinary arts. Her maternal care and fine cuisine cuisine will enrich this “soul” experience full of music, warmth and love. Ida and Miriam together as two women will help you feel what JAZZ is.