Jazz Famelija

Published works

The formation of this group is connected through Roma and Jazz elements, connecting Roma harmonies and latin-american rhythms with the sound of a jazz band. This time Ida has invited the best czech and slovak professional musicians to collaborate with her. In their personalities we get the best of traditional roma musicianship and the freedom and innovatory of young jazzmen. Apart from the successful compositions of previous albums their new repertoire includes new songs, whos author is traditionally singer, guitarist and front man Desiderius Dužda.
Each musician has been given their own space in this new group and so we can really enjoy their game, full of energy and emotions through their unbelievable solos. With so many expressive personalities something very strong must hold them together.

Not at one point will Ida leave you with doubts of who is the leader of this formation, with her intuition and feeling, she leads the band from slow and sad songs right to the traditional fast “cardas” rhythms. Her ability to open her heart and throw all emotions into her voice is renouned. Idas emotions are able to address the audience who do not even understand the Roma lyrics.

Jazz Famelija are: