Ida Kelarova in time

1956 Born at Bruntál former Czechoslovakia (Czech republic)
1962 LŠU Opava (Czech republic), Folk Music School – piano and violoncello
1971 Janáčkova Conservatoire – Brno
1975 – 1982 Worked at the Goose on a string theatre as a singer, actress and music director (CZ)
1976 – 1982 Cooperated with film, radio and television in former Czechoslovakia (CZ)
1982 Festival Fools theatre festival (DK)
1983 Cooperated with Milford Haven Theater in Wales (UK)
1984 1st solo concert at Cardif Chapter Center Wales – Magdalena project
1984 1st workshop, where Ida used her method of voice tuition (Christianie – Copenhagen, DK)
1984 – 1988 Working and known as a singer and voice teacher in DK
1989 – 1991 Concert tour in northern Norway, also working with singing choirs in the north
1991 – 1995 Working and known as a singer and voice teacher in GB
1992 My Home Is Where I Am concert tour; first CD of the same name published
1996 On a Broomstick Into the Skies – under her guidance a meeting of the best Czech female artists took place at the Vinohradské Theatre in Prague; also performed: Zuzana Navarová, Dagmar Voňková, Iva Bittová, Zuzana Lapčíková, Vlasta Průchová, Jana Koubková, Věra Bílá, Hana Křížková, Věra Špinarová
1996 A live On a Broomstick Into the Skies live CD was published in April (LOTOS)
1997 On the 8th of April a multi-cultural project/concert Echoes of the Female Soul took place at the Prague Simon and Judy church; performances by Czech and international interpreters: Iva Bittová, Věra Bílá, Equidad Bares (ES), Stella Chiweshe (Zimbabwe), Nasrin Pouhrosseini (Iran), Tri Bojura (BG)
1997 Ida Kelarova and Guests CD was published as a recording of the Echoes of the female soul concert (LOTOS)
1997 Echoes of the Female Soul document directed by Vladimír Merta was broadcast (CT2, CZ)
1997 Old Gypsy songs CD was published (LOTOS); guests: Karel Giňa and the Bogoro international female choir
1998 Romano Rat (“Roma blood”) band was founded together with Desiderius Dužda
1999 Ida Kelarová and Romano Rat CD was published (LOTOS)
1999 MIRET initiative (“International initiative for Roma ethnic creative activities development”) was founded (CZ)
2000 Romano Rat tours – Mongolia, Romania, WOMAD festival in Gran Canaries and Prague
2000 Roma Festivals – Amala Kiev (UA) and Khamoro (CZ)
2000 Dadoro CD was published (LOTOS)
2001 Behind the Mirror With Ida documentary, directed by Igor Chaun
2001 Amen Savore documentary, directed by Dagmar Cee
2001 WOMAD Cáceres festival (ES)
2001 Amala Kiev Roma festival (UA)
2001 Tilburg (NL) and Gent (BE) Roma festivals
2001 A concert for Olga Havlová‘s Good Will foundation in Prague (CZ)
2001 Gypsy Celebration international Roma festival at the Svojanov castle
2002 Strasbourg (FR) Roma festival
2002 Romane Dywesa (PL) Roma festival
2002 Gypsy Celebration international Roma festival at the Svojanov castle
2002 Staré slzy (“Old tears”) CD published (Indies Records)
2003 Apsora choir founded – with 40 participants from Ida’s International School for Human Voice
2003 Autumn tour around the Czech and Slovak Republic
2003 My Home Is Where I Am documentary, directed by Stephan Satelee in SW, AT and DE
2003 Gypsy Celebration international Roma festival at the Svojanov castle
2004 Gypsies Go to Heaven – Ida Kelarova and Desiderius Dužda contribute to the music for the Bez zábradlí theatre musical; a new CD (Divadlo bez zábradlí) is released in connection to this project musicaly directed by Ida Kelarova
2004 Gypsy Celebration international Roma festival at the Svojanov castle
2005 A guest in the Uvolněte se prosím (“Please relax”) TV show presented by Jan Kraus
2005 First CD recorded by the Apsora choir, christened by Václav Havel
2005 Participated as a conductor and tutor at the Bohemia Cantat voice workshop & festival in Liberec (CZ)
2005 Performed with 200 singers (workshop participants at the festival) at the Pohoda festival in Trenčín (SK)
2005 The czech premiere of a documentary film directed by Stephan Satelee Giľaven (“Sing!”) at Aero Cinema in Prague
2005 The 5th International Roma Festival Gypsy Celebration at Svojanov Castle, CZ
2005 Gypsy Celebration document, directed by Václav Kučera
2006 A performance at Noc s Andělem (“A night with Anděl”), a Czech late night TV show
2006 The Dado miro and “Mamo miri” videos, filmed and directed by Lukáš Rak
2006 The premiere of the Vierka documentary, directed by Míra Janek
2006 The opening of a long term project at the women’s prison in Světlá nad Sázavou where Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda worked towards a concert with the prison inmates
2006 Family table, a theatre play by David Mayan, Vienna (AT)
2006 The first artistic workshop for talented Roma children only, at Svojanov Castle (CZ)
2006 Děti, children, čhavorenge project, an exhibition of childrens drawings at the Prague museum for childrens art
2006 Gypsy Celebration festival at Svojanov Castle, CZ
2006 Appearance at the Metro TV show (Slovak TV)
2006 Gypsy Celebration 2005 CD – LIVE
2006 Gypsies Go to Heaven, a theatre performance in Žilina (SK) – music directed by Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda; also a CD was recorded and published by Žilina Municipal Theatre
2006 Gypsy Celebration CD
2007 Cooperation with the Divé maky foundation (SK)
2007 Cooperation with the Philharmonic orchestra in Hradec Králové, a joint concert with Ida Kelarová, Romano Rat, Apsora
2007 Apsora starts to rehearse for a new concert repertoire – music from the famous Gypsies Go to Heaven musical
2007 Performed at the Jazz at the End of Summer festival in Český Krumlov (CZ)
2007 The World Isn’t Black and White, a beneficial photographic exhibition, with a premiere and concert in Karlovy Vary (CZ)
2007 Artistic workshop for talented Roma children at Svojanov Castle (CZ)
2007 Gypsy Celebration festival at Svojanov Castle (CZ)
2007 Vírský vánek, a theatre Festival supported by Ida Kelarová, the MIRET civic association, Peter Butko, and the community of Vír (CZ)
2007 MIRET civis association starts their activities in the Slovak Republic
2007 Kaľi čercheň, a documentary directed by Janek Růžička (about the art focused children camp)
2007 Jazz Famelija, new Roma/jazz band founded
2007 Rebelious Ladies in Czech Republic, a concert as a part of the series
2007 Gypsies Go to Heaven, the premiere of the concert-tour with Apsora in Berlin (DE) and Prague
2007 Ida Kelarova’s 13th Chamber, a documentary by Czech TV
2008 Ida Kelarova and Iva Bittová, a special concert with the sisters performing select jazz standards at the Lucerna Grand Hall in Prague
2008 Concert cooperation with the Tereza Maxová foundation
2008 A concert at the Bratislava Radio with 38 Roma children from socialy disabled families, in cooperation with the Divé maky foundation
2009 Live DVD published of the jazz concert of Ida Kelarova and Iva Bittová, in Lucerna Grand Hall
2009 Concert at the Opernball, Viena. Austria
2009 Purimspiel, a theater project directed by David Mayaan – music cooperationa and performance, Linz (AT)
2009 CD Aven Bachtale (Indies)
2010 Angel nomination – CD Aven Bachtale
2010 Children’s choir Čhavorenge was formed
2011 Colours of Ostrava festival
2011 Menuhin festival – Gstaad- Švýcarsko
2011 Philharmonic Hradec Králové / Czech republic
2012 Concert organised by Brussel’s parliament / Belgium
2012 Launching of the CD Šunen Savore Prague – Lucerna (Indies)
2012 Klang festival Toggenburg / Switzerland
2012 Romano Drom – concerts in Romani settlements – Slovakia
2012 Cultural summer Bratislava – Slovakia
2012 Summer camp – Jedlová / Czech republic
2012 Voices of tomorrow (ETP/Menuhin foundation Brussel/ Slovakia
2012 Menuhin festival – Gstaad/ Switzerland
2012 Philharmonic of Bohuslav Martinů – Zlín / Czech republic
2012 Documentary film Černobílý příběh (Black and white story)
2012 Documentary film – concert recording of Čhavorenge and philharmonic Hradec Králové
2013 Voices of tommorow – Cultural town of Europe – Košice / Slovakia
2013 Concert for endowment funds Praque
2013 The Roma’s Day – Kabinet Múz / Brno / Czech republic
2013 Gymnasium Dornbin / Austria
2013 The museum’s night – Museum of Romani culture Brno / Czech Republic
2013 Summer camp / Czech republic
2013 Memorial ceremony – Hodonín u Kunštátu / Czech Republic
2013 Roma festival – Kokava nad Rimavicou / Slovakia
2013 Angel nomination – CD Šunen Savore
2013 Concert with philharmonic Brno – Vaňkovka / Czech republic
2014 5 weekend workshops during 2014 in frame of a project Čhavorenge 2014
2014 Workshop and concert in Montessori Center in Ludesch (Austria)
2014 Střed zájmu – The Price of Audience: Ida Kelarova (Miret) and Petr Kadlec (Czech Philharmonic) presented project Romano drom and were awarded by winning price for presentation of educational programs
2014 Romano drom – sumer school, concerts and workshops in frame of project Romano drom in Roma settlements in Lenartov, Raslavice and Liptovský Mikuláš Synagogue performed Čhavorenge choir, Czech Philharmonic and the others
2014 Concert on occasion Day of Students in Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum in Prague

Workshops organized in the past

United Kingdom

Cambridge Colege ; Hijinx Theatre; Made in Wales Theatre; Theatre Rotto; PainesPlough; Chisenhall Dance Space; Queen Elizabeth; Hall – London; Voiceover festival; Magdalena Project – Thertre Acorn; Theatre School Hub; Industrial and Domestic Theatre; Falmouth Arts Centre; Volcano Theatre; Wildesgreen Library Centre; Woodwick House; Hazelwood House; Alexander Technique School; Centre for Expressive Arts; PSI Highgate; International Performance Iniciative; Bristol Cancer Centre; Cardiff Art center


Beiwas Sami Theater; Rebel Theater; Trondheim University; Storm Theater; Total Theater; Tromso Television; Finemark Radio; Sample Theater; Caffee Nordrak; Team Theater; Alsvag Choir; Kirkenes Yuth Theater; Vadso Choir; Hammerfest Thetera; Mehamn Female choir; Kjolefjord; Karasok; Varangeboth; Melbu Kulturhuset; Oslo International Festival; Grinland Friteater Festival; Stela Polaris – Teater; TMV Festival; Norland Theater; Tonsberg festival; Theatre Dance School; Oslo


Tidents Theater / Drama School; Theatre og Bevegelse; Kimbri theater; Group 38; Theatre west nd wind; Theatre Marihonete; Theatre Gadesjacket; Theatre Fair play; Theatre den Blahest; Den rytmiske Aftenschoole; Musichuset;Sankt Lukas Church; Danmark Radio; Danmark Television; Roskilda Festival; KIT; Cafe theater; Aarhus Festival; Odin Theatre; IPI – projects; Theatre academy; Broby Gamke School


Jordcikus; Mittlansteatern; State Theatre; Skaraborg Theatre; Mosebaken; Theatre Albatros; Kulturhuset Stocholm; Folenshuset Stockholm; Falun Festival; Multikulti


Center Sichtnig – Rotterdam; SNDO dance school Amsterdam


Institut del teatre Barcelona


Roy Hart Theatre; Nantes Festival


Theatre de Benlieve; Cirque Divers; Magdalena Project


Interkunst – Berlin; Bewegnung Art Zentrum – Freiburg; Bennet Workshops; Casa Max Theare; Whupertal Theatre; Bransweig; Sant Augustin; Gelsenkirken; Bruhl; Bielefield; Bruchsal; Haagen; Troisdorf; Köln; Hamburg; Bremen;Hannover; Heidelberg; Ulm; Tübingen; Leipzig; Zegg Community – Belzig; Ökodorf Community; Ludwigsburg – Bewegnung Art Centre; Rhytmus theatre Freiburg; Filmfest FrauenWelten – Tübingen


Wien – Amerling House; Bregenz; Gotzis – St. Arbogast;; Coanrad Sohm Dornbin; Budndesgymnasium Schoren Dornbin ;Maetedera Viena; Graz Jazz academy; Insbrug University; Schauspielehaus Wienna; Linz 09; Viena Operball; Stiftung Kloster Viktorsberg; Count Davis Jazz club – Linz; Lentos Kunst Museum – Linz; Academy of Impossible is possible – Linz; Bruckner university – Linz; Church Bruder Klaus Schoren dornbin; Spieleboden Dornbirn Wels Schloss center


Basel art centrum; Bern art centrum;Gemeinschaftszentrum Grünau Zurich; Quartierzentrum Aussersihl Zurich; Offenene Kirche St.Jakob Zurich; Jazz club Moods Zurich; Gemeinschaftszentrum Hottingen Zurich


Schlommi center for Alternative Theater – Schlomi; Kirkas Kiss Ein Hood village – Carmel Mountains; Synapsa Center – School for Voice and Movement; Kibutz kiryat Anavim – Jerusalem Hills; Hayadit Theater – Pardess Hanna; Acco Theater – Acco Theater festival;


Mongolian state theatre – Ulanbátar; Student College of Art – Ulanbátar; University of Ulanbátar


Theater Pontremoli; State Theater Bari; Magdalena project; Music Academy – Milano


AMU Banská Bystrica; Mestské divadlo Žilina; Konzervatórium Bratislava; klub II – Bratislava; PKO – Bratislava; Klarisky; festival Konvergencie – Bratislava; Divadlo Potoň – Bátovce; Divé maky – Bratislava; Divadlo Nitra; Festival Pohoda; Divadlo S+S Bratislava; Nová scéna – Bratislava; Kulturní dům Žiar nad Hronom; Hudební festival Těrchová; Mestské divadlo Zvolen; Mezinárodní instituce CEP; Kostel Hronsek

Czech Republic

Klub Fléda – Brno; Jiráskovo divadlo – Česká Lípa; Pardubice – K club; Smetanovo divadlo – Pardubice; Městské divadlo Pardubice; Divadlo Ponec; Divadlo BolkaPolívky – Brno; Divadlo Husa na provázku-Brno;Hanácké divadlo– Brno; Acropolis – Praha; Jazz Club Železná – Praha;Klub Golem – Zlín; Kostel Šimona a Judy – Praha; Černá Labuť – Praha; Roxy Club – Praha; Švandovo divadlo – Praha; Palác Akropolis – Praha; Lucerna – Praha; Kostel Sv. Antonína – Praha; Kostel Sv. Jana Nepomuckého – Praha; JAMU Brno; Vinohradský husitský sbor – Praha; Jazz club Kladno; Žofín – Praha; Mánes – Praha; Divadlo Kaštan – Praha; Womad Festival -Praha ; Khamoro festival; Divadlo u Hasičů – Praha; Divadlo Bez zábradlí – Praha; Divadlo Archa – Praha; Komorní filharmonie Pardubice; Královohradecká filharmonie; Divadlo poděbrady; Solnice – České Budějovice; Bazilika – České Budějovice