Ida Kelarová

Ida Kelarova (born Bittova) is an established personality on the current European music scene. Ida falls comes from a musical family. She studied cello and piano at the Janáček Music School in Brno. Her father, Koloman Bitto, was a great musician who lived through music, and Ida considers him as her greatest teacher of music. He raised two of his three daughters to music – Ida’s sister, Iva Bittova, is a renowned musician too.

Ida spent part of her life in Great Britain, Denmark and Norway, in 1995, however, she returned to Czech Republic to continue with her work she had started in England. The list of her activities is really extensive. Ida is a respected and well-known singer, musician, choirmaster, music arranger and producer. She based her work on knowledge and experience that she gained working in western Europe, and she draws her inspiration from her East European and Romani roots. She is best known probably for her more than 20-year work with people and human voice under the patronage of ISHV (International School for Human Voice) that she founded. She also directs her efforts at helping talented Romani children and youth.