Dance workshop

Galerie Hotel
Jedlová, CZ

Dance workshop with Oto Bunda

The workshop is open to everybody who has the need to look into and open themselves to Roma culture.
The workshops are focused on traditional Roma dance, its history and traditions. The art of dance is considered an essential part of Roma culture.

Dance and rhythm are perceived by the Roma as a natural part of their existence.

Roma dance is a dance of the heart, happiness, passion and pride.
By dancing, we can express our emotions and inner feelings.
Do not miss the opportunity to look into Roma culture, open yourself, and embrace those areas of Roma culture that will complement you as a human being.

Oto Bunda
He comes from the famous Bunda family, featuring the members of the Bunda family who have been focusing on traditional cimbalom music and culture for many generations. He grew up in Košice in Slovakia and music has been a staple all his life. He later became a member of the Roma theatre Romathan in Košice, focusing on drama, dance and mainly singing. Since 2006 he has been working closely with the civic association MIRET and Ida Kelarová. At the international workshops he teaches dance with Roma elements. His dance workshop has become an essential part of the summer workshops dedicated to Roma culture. Since Oto is also musically and vocally gifted, he has also become an assistant and support to the Choral workshops. He works closely with Ida Kelarová at the summer workshops for talented Roma children and youth. He is a popular vocal assistant at Ida Kelarová’s vocal workshops not only here, but all over the world.
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