Ida Kelarová & Romano Rat

1Mamo na birinav (Mum, I Am Dying)6:35
2Me mange (A Wedding Song) 4:53
3Imar tu čhaje, ma užar (Don’t Expect Me Anymore)4:06
4Čhaje, čhaje (Lassie, Lassie)2:05
5Na birinav (I can’t go on)4:38
6Pal amaro calo svetos (All Around The World) 4:22
7Slugadžis (A Soldier)3:13
8Džas (Together We Go)4:15
9Džava mange džava (I Will Just Take A Road)2:11
10Andro paňi pejlom (In The Water I Fell)4:02
11Le, more, e brača (Hey Man, Play)1:47
12Ko kodoj (Who Is It?)2:11
13Nane cocha (I Have No Skirt)4:03

Daddy loved us all alot. He had a pure Rom heart. After his death, I started to give concerts and teach the Gypsy songs I remembered from my childhood. Gypsy music was played in our family, but I have not learnt to speak the Rom language. I understood how strongly my father’s blood was running through my veins and that at least through songs I could give back to him all the love he had been giving to me and voice his legacy also to other people.

After fifteen years of search for my own identity I got back to my roots, to the village where my daddy used to live. I have returned home for good. Together with my friend, my colleague, and most of all my love – Desiderius Duzda – we travel together, we give concerts and we teach Gypsy songs. It is very rewarding and beautiful work. The two of us are founding members of a Gypsy group named ROMANO RATGYPSY BLOOD. For the first time in my life I can say that I am happy. I found a person who is able to love me the way I am. What more can I wish for?

I appreciate life and I am grateful for it. I did not give up the painful journey through life and I suffered through to new sources of power and inspiration. Whoever sings from the heart and with feeling every note of our songs, will find great love in himself. We sing and play our songs for everybody, regardless of skin colour.

Music has united us.

We dedicate this CD to all those who are on the search of a journey to themselves.