Old Gypsy Songs

1Džaf me dromeha 2:26
2Lemore ebrača1:31
3Kokodoj kokodoj (medley)3:42
4Phenen odoj oro mora / Imar aven4:48
5Geľome kelende / Andre karčma geľom3:43
6Avtučaje keman / Mošto mroda / Adadžives mušinav temerel5:42
7Mamo dado / Hajni hajni 3:27
8Veša veša / A metuha nadživava / Ola roma / Mange nakampel5:14
9Andro di špitaľa2:44
10Ľoli ruža omižus5:59
11E kapura 6:03
12Ara more (medley) / Imar aven / Acalari bomba / Nanecocha4:17

Everyone who sings creates. For a song is a means of expressing one’s truth, a way of searching for the voice in the depths of one’s innermost self. This is especially true of the Roma people. So I believe that we should learn more of the meaning of their songs, if for no other reason than to find a way of expressing our everyday pain and joy through our own song. “The tones and rythmn in the song are just a path to keep us from straying. We may walk quicker or slower, or stay awhile to lie in the grass… in tune with our own mood.” The Roma people have always known this, so let their songs teach us too. This CD is dedicated to all those Romas who still keep up their strength and their hope.

Ida Kelarová