Ida Kelarova and Guests

1Barem Sergem (Bulgaria), Ej hora hora (Slovakia), Jedna sestra bratra měla (Moravia)8:01
2Shenala (Bulgaria)1:25
3Martonette (Spain)3:29
4Chikomo (Zimbabwe)3:59
5Lalelisi (Bulgaria)3:24
6Te me pijav (Gypsy)4:02
7Ej lásko, lásko (Moravia)1:30
8Dobrú noc (Slovakia)2:00
9Sedí sokol (Moravia) 4:55
10Allahou – “Quwali” (Pakistan)7:07
11Souratgaré (Iran)3:42
12Godiny, Godiny (Bulgaria)2:00
13Duna ide (Bulgaria)2:01
14Zelený víneček (Slovakia)4:09
15Kusiyavana (Zimbabwe)7:01
16Pasi (Zimbabwe)4:13
17Ej slniečko horúce (Slovakia), Ogrejela (Bulgaria)4:34
18Mari posa Blanca (Spain)4:46
19Joj mamo dado (Gypsy)2:44
20Acalari Bomba (Gypsy) 4:21

There was a silent snowfall on April 2, 1997 in the village of Hartmanice. Tucked away in the hills where Bohemia meets Moravia, artists from all over the world converged. I knew that in six days time we would be performing to an already sold-out audience in Prague. In these six days the chorus rehearsed a program of over thirty songs and an amazing concert was created blending the ethnic roots of the artists in nine different languages a blend of exotic rhythmic patterns. This electrifying atmosphere was all captured on this live recording on April 8, 1997 at the Church of Simon and Jude in Prague.

Ida’s talents were discovered at the age of five by her father, a renowned musician. He arranged for her to study cello and piano and she continued her studies at the prestigious Janacek Conservatory in Brno. In 1977 she became part of “Theatre on a String”, at that time one of the most respected experimental theatre groups in the country. Since 1983 she has toured extensively all over the world as a concert artist and voice teacher. She was a founding member of the International Performance Initiative and has now returned to the Czech Republic to create the International School for Human Voice. Ida brings out her profound talents as both performer and teacher.

What is it that brings all of the artists on this project together?
The answer is a paradox in it’s simplicity and difficulty. The process of seeking and finding a truthful voice in the depth of oneself and the sincerity and desire to deliver one’s message.

This recording is dedicated to all those who have worked with me; those who sang along in the past, those who sing here and those who will be singing in the future.