Aven Bachtale

1Baro džives (Big Day)5:09
2Čhaje, čhaje (Girl, Girl)3:03
3Duj džeňora (Me and You)6:00
4Šunes man (Can You Hear Me) 4:04
5Madara pes (Don‘t Be Afraid)5:04
6Amen bašavas (Playing Music) 3:05
7Džava, džava (Playing Music)4:27
8Kada baro svetos (In the Wide World)3:53
9Bari vera (Big Vow)6:30
10Lakere kale bala – Slugadžis – O poštaris – Amare7:42
11Kamav tut (I Love You)5:10



When I sing I feel happiness. Happiness is a great gift for me. I believe
happiness can be transformed, cultivated, evaluated during one’s lifetime, and our soul can elevate happiness into art. I have always sung in my own way and have found freedom in music. I sing about things I am not able to talk about. I sing not to cry; I sing to feel that we are connected.

I have tried many things musically- from classical music, folk music, some ethno projects, rock, to Roma songs which spoke the strongest and deepest to me. I always felt like singing these wonderful melodic and harmonic songs and multi-voice songs in a somewhat jazzy way, even though I had never been devoted to jazz. One of my impulses was the need for change. I wanted to bring a new topic into the principles of jazz, a new topic with my own experience and passion, in a so called “gipsy way.” I realize how lucky I was to have a father who instilled in me a love for music – a gift which I humbly continue to distribute to people around this world.

I have met top musicians and wonderful people and together we have founded Jazz Famelija; what more can I wish for? Maybe it is that all of us in this world are happy. To be able to give art to other people is truly a life path. A great many thanks go to my dad and everyone who posseses this art and selflessly passes it on.

Aven bachtale!

Ida Kelarova