Apsora Songbook

1Miri bach
2Le man peha
3Kaj salas
5Mamo mamo sokerdžal
6Užar tu čhaje
8Maruš bo
10Bašav phrala
11Mire lava
12Hej romale
13Džava džava
14Kaskere ola duj čavore/Aničko dušičko/Andre tire kale bala
15Nane cocha
16Te mangel

The CD and Songbook sale is non-profitable, as the whole proceeds go to the MIRET civic association, which has been focusing on support of cultural and creative activities of the Roma minority for years. By purchasing the CD and/or the Songbook which contains the lyrics and sheet music of all our songs, you become part of the project for helping the childre and youth. Also, you get a chance to add your voice to ours, and the more there is of us, the more likely it is that the entire world will hear us. More voices means a greater power and a stronger hope and love…

With our songs, we battle racism, discrimination and fear of the unknown. We call upon all of us, to give those who are different from us a chance and space to present and express themselves with dignity.