Šunen savore

1Apsa duj2:50
2Džava mange2:14
3Pre tute me užarav 4:28
4Sako džanel 3:43
5Le man peha5:10
6Bašav phrala3:00
7Calo džives2:36
8Av ča mri čhaj6:35
9Mire lava3:35
10Šargi čik 3:35
11Avri brišindel4:42
14Soske mange naphenes5:31
15Sako džives3:10

Šunen savore / Listen everyone
Romany music and culture is alive. Songs are soundtracks to our lives. Romani songs are the jewel of the Roma culture and have magical power. For the heart, soul and very nature of us is revealed through these songs. Songs that are constantly being created and inspired by real events. He who sings, creates, because a song is an expression, a message of the self.
What is the Roma heart really like? Troubled, spontaneous, full of passion, yet in essence bound with the forces of nature. It is a heart searching, a heart full of inner love and turmoil. A heart yearning for peace, yet driven to go further and further. It wants to gain but sometimes loses, searching and not finding. It needs to restore its energy, become aware of it, to draw from itself, from itself energy, from the energy of its people. It needs to listen to its innermost voice time and time again and follow it. There is still a long journey ahead, nut just the migration of the Roma to all corners of the world, for it is a long journey for all of us. The Roma can teach us to sing, all we need to do is just to listen.



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