International festival ROMALE

Dear friends and lovers of Roma music,

Duration13. 8. 2015 - 16. 8. 2015
Venue Hamry, Czech republic
Languageczech, english
PriceEUR 290 (includes accommodation, food, all festival activities)
LeafletROMALE english - pdf.pdf

this is an invitation to the upcoming year of the International Roma festival „ROMALE” – Gypsy Celebration held on 13. – 16. 8. 2015 in the holiday resort OTAKAR (Hamry u Poličky).

This intensive festival weekend is unique in the way that it focuses on everything „Roma”. Civic association MIRET and its organization team of 65 volunteers are preparing the venue for this gathering, this celebration of understanding everything that is Roma, from culture to history. A multicultural conference will be held on Sunday 16.8.
The Roma and non-Roma are given the opportunity to meet at least once a year, sing, dance, talk and get to know each other, and finally – experience a night full of fire, passion, happiness and love. All this with exquisite Roma bands, Roma artists, Roma dancers and choirs performing on stage. They will share their energy and passion through their music and dance.

The Gypsy Celebration consists of two parts of connected projects:

This will be a 4 day marathon of various vocal, dance, musical and art workshops for children, youth ad adults including a taste of Roma cuisine.

The aim of this festival is not only to reach a mutual understanding, but also the opportunity to showcase the skills, talent and hard work of Roma artists, singers, musical groups, dance ensembles, and let us not forget, the child prodigies which play such an important part in the whole festival. Everyone is given the opportunity to meet, express themselves, support their own creative ideas, present Roma professional value, but also to draw attention to deeply rooted racism and Czech xenophobia. A safe space to improve the relationship between Roma and non-Roma is provided.

At our festival we have, albeit for just a short while, the opportunity to erase the barrier between the Roma and non-Roma and thus create a safe space for both sides to meet. We believe that a path to live in peace and harmo- ny does exist. We know that the songs and music we share connects us and our festivals are the living proof. It is about creating together, being aware of each other, give one another a second chance, the time and appreciati- on of our value as human beings who are equal. It is but a little thing, but we believe that this is what it starts with. Every year we find new hope and faith and that gives us strength to continue with this project.

Yours truly,

Ida Kelarova
Artistic Director of project Gypsy Celebration

This project is dedicated to love and peace.¨