Mixed-voice choir Apsora was founded at the beginning of 2003 by Ida Kelarová. It is composed of people who went through Ida Kelarová‘s International School for Human Voice workshops. Desiderius Dužda and Marie Duždová, who have closely cooperated with Ida Kelarová since 1997, play an equally important teaching and composing role in cooperation with Apsora. Apsora means “little teardrops” in Roma language.

Apsora started its public performances in April 2003 and the choir currently has around 50 members. It is open to all people from all over the world who went through at least one intensive workshop of the International School for Human Voice under the leadership of Ida Kelarová. Owing to the unusual size of this choir and because of the members’ understanding of the core or main idea of Ida Kelarová‘s work, the performance of original Roma songs during the concerts of Apsora is really magnificent.

During her workshops, Ida lets the participants go through a painful self-discovery process, in order to open the depth of voice of each person. Therefore it is possible to undergo an intense emotional experience during their performance. One opens the darkness, sadness, joy as well as hatred, passion and wildness, goes through the extatic experience of human communion, experiences a real Gypsy “black pain”. It is the kind of expression that can’t leave anyone untouched and cool, although people mostly do not understand Roma language.

Because the Roma Civic Association MIRET has so far received no financial support to carry out the project of the summer camp for some 50 Roma and non-Roma children mainly from children’s homes, which already took place for the third time at the Svojanov castle, an idea came up to collect the money needed to carry out this important project by singing together. Because of the unforgettable life-changing experience and inspiration the children get and take away with them, and because of their big tear-drops falling when they say goodbye or when we welcome them back at Svojanov castle, again and again we gain new strengths to carry out this project. In the course of a mere year, Apsora managed to collect an amount of 130.000 CZK from charity concerts.

We do realize, that this is the only hope we can give to these children – that they know, they can come back to see us again next year. Indeed, it is children, who need the most to open their hearts and create better world on this Earth.

When you are not able to dwell any longer in the loneliness of your heart, you are living on our lips and the sound provides entertainment and distraction to you. And in much of your talking, thinking is half killed. Because an idea is a space bird, which can spread its wings in the cage of words, but it can not fly there.
Khaleel Jibran